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Adverteren bij Van den Tweel

To advertisewith us

Advertising with Van den Tweel means visibility among a broad shopper audience.Our stores are updated weekly

visited thousands of customers.  Achieve maximum results with your campaign at Van den Tweel with the right form of advertising. 
The various advertising options at Van den Tweel offer a solution for every marketing issue.

Whatever challenge you have, we are happy to think with you about the most suitable form of advertising.

For more information send an email to


TV screen

Display your advertisement on the television screen in the Allerhande Café.


In store radio stream

Have your radio commercials played on the specially developed instream radio, available at both locations

Van Den Tweel can be heard every day.

Website pictures 7.png

Turn bar

Place your advertisement on the turn bar that is used to separate messages on the checkout belt.

Website pictures 11.png

Parking lot banners

Promote your company in a larger-than-life format on one of our fences in the parking lot.

Website pictures 4.png

Shopping cart

Generate extra visibility with a 6 by 28 cm image on the shopping carts.(maximum 200 shopping carts available).



Sponsor application

At van den Tweel Curacao we like to give back to Curacao. You can submit your sponsorship request via this page.

We will discuss your request and provide feedback on your request as soon as possible.

Do you have questions about your sponsorship request?


Then you can contact the marketing department via:

Type of organization
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